Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ministry of Motherhood

I am so excited to share that for some time now i have felt on my heart, that i needed to develop my mom side more. That being said i have found a wonderful book club to be a part of, which is really exciting to me for the accountability factor. The book we are reading is called Ministry of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson. I was blessed to be linked to 40 women through a facebook page to form a group, there are many great woman doing this study through out the world. I believe almost 1500 women, which is amazing to me. At just the time in my life where i was searching for something like this i found this great book club! I'm so excited for the fact of reading the book but also there are daily bible verses to read and ponder! Ill be sharing more on this through out the study, but i look forward to really improving my relationship with God and also becoming a better mother in the process!

Of course, no blog post would be complete without a few cute pictures of my boys!

Jordan looking like he is checking in with star command(buzz lightyear).

Austin, otherwise know as Spiderman from New York City, yes he does tell everyone he meets who he is including that is real name is Peter Parker, being spiderman!
He has also decided that he wants me to take a picture of him doing everything! The kid was born into a world of flashes, thanks to my mom originally and now me!
He is using his webs in full force!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spring 2011

Life with the new baby has been quite hectic but we are adjusting well. We have still found time to do some fun things with Austin, so he doesn't get too bored!Austins 1st time going roller skating. Lets's just say that it was a lot of work for mom or who ever was helping him, but it was fun to just get out of the house and hang out with lots of friends from church!
Posing with his skates on. He did really good on the carpet and not so good on the actual rink, but someday!
Brendan got invited to a baseball game and decided to take Austin along for the fun. It was Austin's 1st Royals game and he was so excited.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Kite Festival

Lees Summit Kite Festival- The whole family enjoyed a day together.

Austin was not wanting any pictures taken with the kites.
Playing in the blowup race course!

Brendan is teaching Austin how to fly the kite that he made. Of course, the colors of the kite tails had to be red and blue like spiderman!

Brendan looking really proud of wearing the sling with Jordan in it!
Gracie flying the kite that Austin made!
Austin and his friend Evan, Austin was so excited for someone to be there that was his age!
Spongebob did a candy drop that the boys got to collect candy from. They flew this really huge kite and then hung a basket with candy that then dropped onto the ground! So much fun!

Baby Love

Time flies so fast, its hard to believe our little guy is almost 4weeks old! He is such a blessing and has brought so much joy to our family. He is proof that God is always faithful!

Jordan and our friends baby Gabriella
Daddy Time

Jordan on his lamb blanket!
Austin trying to help with the swing!
Nap Time

Austin checking our Jordan's Toys